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What is USC Community Outreach Partnership Center (COPC)?

The University of Southern California COPC will outreach to distressed communities in Los Angeles in four areas: economic development, education and training, housing, and neighborhood revitalization. Specifically, USC will provide comprehensive technical assistance through seven outreach programs.

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Faculty, staff, and students from several departments and disciplines will work within the Los Angeles Empowerment Zone and Enterprise Community (and CDBG entitlement area) to assist residents while enhancing the University's capacity for community service. USC will build on its award-winning outreach programs to broaden its reach and enhance its position as a community leader in Los Angeles. TIME Magazine/The Princeton Review named the University of Southern California College of the Year 2000 for its commitment to community outreach and service.

The USC Center for Economic Development, Schools of Policy, Planning, and Development and Engineering, and Business Expansion Network will work together to coordinate USC's COPC programs. They will partner with the Los Angeles Neighborhood Initiative, the Los Angeles Community Redevelopment Agency, the South Los Angeles Economic Alliance, several under-served high schools, California Federal Bank, and a variety of other community-based organizations to implement the community outreach partnership projects.

USC has been working for some time with a Community Advisory Council that provides advice to the University President and the Office of Civic and Community Relations on community needs and initiatves. The USC COPC would employ the diversity and expertise of this Council in implementing its community outreach projects. The proposed COPC will build USC's capacity as a community leader in other ways such as dedicating graduate courses to COPC projects working directly with community partners, and providing new outlets for sharing community enrichment information, such as grant application instructions. Project workshops, presentations, and multimedia reports will enable USC to share its experience with others nationwide.

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