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Reports & Papers

Recent (2007-Present)

Center Publications in Peer Reviewed, Refereed Journals


  1. Melnick, G. et al., "Early Lessons from a Shared Risk, Integrated Care Organization Serving a Commercial Population," Health Affairs (Pending)


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Center Working Papers, Monographs, and Project Reports


  1. "Reducing Avoidable Emergency Visits and Improving Patient Health Care Access:  A Successful Community Consortium Model for Establishing a Community Clinic," Melnick, G., Green, L., (2011).
  2. "North Vallejo Patient Access Partnership 'Right Care, Right Place' Project Evaluation." Online Issue Paper, California HealthCare Foundation, Green, Lois and Glenn A. Melnick, (May 2011).
  3. North Vallejo Patient Access Partnership "Right Care, Right Place" Project Evaluation Report (full report). USC Center for Health Financing, Policy and Management, Green, Lois and Glenn A. Melnick, (May 2011).
  4. "Physicians On Call: California's Patchwork Approach to Emergency Department Coverage." Online Issue Paper, California HealthCare Foundation. In collaboration with the California Hospital Association, Green, Lois, S. Sarkis and G. Melnick. (February 2011).
  5. "Decomposition of the Trends in Hospital Spending Growth, 2001-2007," Wu, Shen and Melnick. (2010).


  1. "Trends in Emergency Department Capacity, Utilization, and Access: An Update from California, 2001-2007," Glenn A. Melnick and Fonkych, Katya, (2009).
  2. "Does Concentration in Health Plan and Hospital Markets Affect Hospital Prices?" Glenn Melnick, Chu Shen, Vivian Y. Wu (2009).
  3. "Differences in Inpatient Utilization at the End of Life by for Medicare Beneficiaries Based on Dual Eligibility Status and Race," Fonkych, Katya, O'Leary, June and Glenn A. Melnick, (2009).
  4. "Is California's Hospital Based ED System Eroding?" California HealthCare Foundation, G Melnick, K Fonkych, (2009).


  1. "The Changing Effects of HMO Market Structure: An Analysis of Penetration, Concentration, and Ownership Over Time (1994-2005)," Shen, Yu-Chu, Wu, Vivian and Melnick, Glenn (2008).
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  3. "Did Thailand's Universal Coverage 30 Baht Health Reform Program Improve Access?" Kannika Damrongplasit and Glenn A. Melnick (2008).


  1. "DeFactors Affecting Adoption of Clinical HIT Systems: Evidence from California Hospitals," Fonkych, Katya and Melnick, Glenn (2007).
  2. "End of Life Care for the Medicare Population: A Comparison of Beneficiaries in Fee for Service and Managed Care Plans in California," Fonkych, Melnick, O'Leary, and Keeler, (2007).
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  1. California Emergency Departments: Do They Contribute To Hospital Profitability
  2. California Emergency Dept System Capacity And Demand
  3. Calculating The Cost Of Emergency Care
  4. Cal Kids Evaluation Full Report
  5. Can Cost Shifting Continue In A Price Competitive Environment
  6. Cost Of Emergency Department Visit
  7. Cost Of Providing Nonurgent Care In ED
  8. Emergency Dept Usage In California And US
  9. Emergency Department Capacity And Access In California - An Economic Analysis
  10. Emergency Departments In Health Care System
  11. G_Melnick_Speech_To Kaiser_Permanente_Leadership_Conference
  12. Have HMOs Broadened Their Hospital Networks
  13. Hospital Selective Contracting Without Consumer Choice - What Can We Learn From Medi-Cal
  14. Inpatient Utilization By Dual Medicare-Medicaid Eligibles In Medicare Risk HMOs and Fee for Service
  15. Effect of HMOs On Inpatient Utilization Of Medicare Beneficiaries
  16. Analysis Of Unobserved Selection In An Inpatient Diagnostic Cost Group Model
  17. Managed_Care_Backlash_10_2005
  18. Market Power And Hospital Pricing-Are Nonprofits Different
  19. Marginal Cost of Emergency Department Outpatient Visits: An Update Using California Data
  20. Nonurgent Care in ED
  21. On Call Physicians At California Emergency Depts
  22. Price Comepition And Hospital Cost Growth In The United States (1989-1994)
  23. Professor_Melnick_Congressional_Testimony
  24. The Effect Of HMOs On The Inpatient Utilization Of Medicare Beneficiaries
  25. The Effect of Medicare HMOs On Hospitalization Rates For Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions.fdf
  26. The Effects of HMO Ownership on Hospital Costs And Revenues - Is There A Difference Between For-Profit and Nonprofit Plans

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