What is the appropriate balance of pharmaceutical costs and benefits in today’s
economic times?

As healthcare premiums rise, attention increasingly has focused on aggressive management of pharmaceutical costs and coverage. Strategies have included greater levels of employee cost-sharing, formulary restrictions, and tiered benefit structures. Research has shown that such efforts can significantly curb consumer spending.

Yet continued innovation and the development and diffusion of new pharmaceuticals and health technologies hold great promise for reducing healthcare costs, enhancing treatment effectiveness, and improving quality and productivity. This stimulating conference brings together cross-sector perspectives in the search for balance among pharmaceuticals’ value, economic trade-offs, and benefits design.

Join us for a stimulating, intersectoral forum geared to:

  • Health plan executives
  • Purchasers: Employers, business coalitions, buying groups
  • Labor and consumer leaders
  • Health and pharmaceutical benefits managers
  • Policymakers: Government, academics, economists
  • Providers: Physicians, medical groups, pharmacists, hospitals
  • Pharmaceutical and biotech firms and PBMs

Who should attend?

  • Learning, information exchange and open dialogue about pharmaceuticals, health economics, and the search for innovative benefits design solutions
  • Networking with business and healthcare leaders who share your desire to balance today's benefits design challenges with the economic and strategic impact of pharmaceuticals on society.

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