Web Server Statistics for PAM

Monthly Directory Report

Note: This Monthly DIRECTORY report contains all PAM pages with more than 10 hits during last month. For other Server statistics, (various summaries, reports, and only the most-visited top-level pages) check out the Monthly Server Report.

Program started at Mon-02-May-2016 14:32.
Analysed requests from Fri-01-Apr-2016 00:05 to Sun-03-Apr-2016 23:57 (2.99 days).

General Summary

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This report contains overall statistics.

Successful requests: 4,440
Average successful requests per day: 1,482
Successful requests for pages: 1,070
Average successful requests for pages per day: 356
Failed requests: 271
Distinct files requested: 290
Distinct hosts served: 362
Corrupt logfile lines: 400,538,037
Unwanted logfile entries: 517,866,170
Data transferred: 21.98 megabytes
Average data transferred per day: 7.34 megabytes

Directory Report

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This report lists the directories from which files were requested. (The figures for each directory include all of its subdirectories.)

Listing directories with at least 1 request for a page, sorted alphabetically.

73 6.82%/volume3/
101 9.44%/volume6/
34632.34%[root directory]
3 0.28%http://
0 [not listed: 4 directories]