Lawrence S. Neinstein, M.D., F.A.C.P.
Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine
USC Keck School of Medicine
Executive Director
University Park Health Center
Associate Dean of Student Affairs



Outline of Curriculum



Normal growth and development (A1)

Abnormal growth and development (A2)

Interviewing and communicating with adolescents (A4)

Confidentiality Issues (A5)

Health Screening (A8)

Sexuality (B3)

Overview (B3)

Menses (B3)

Contraception (B3)

Sexually transmitted infections (B3)

Medical Problems (B4)

Common medical problems - misc (B4)

Orthopedics (B4)

Dermatology (B4)

Eating disorders (B7)

Substance abuse (B8)

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