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The following profiles consist of current and former USC students that have transferred from East Los Angeles College, Los Angeles City College, and Los Angeles Trade Technical College, respectively, and have been involved in the SCholars Program.

2010-2011 SCholar Cohort

Jonathan Adame
Jonathan Adame is a recent transfer student from East Los Angeles College. Jonathan was born in Mexico and came to the United States as a newborn. As Biochemistry major, he chose to attend USC because he wanted to attend a college that would equip him with the tools necessary to pursue a degree in the health sciences. While at USC he hopes to pursue health science research that will benefit society.

Michael Argueta
Michael is health promotion and disease prevention major at USC’s Keck School of Medicine. Upon graduation from USC he hopes to attend medical school. He was born and raised in the Silver Lake, California area and attended John Marshall High School. Michael enjoys recreational activities such as swimming and wants to improve his surfing skills. While at USC he hopes to be able to become a better, stronger, and knowledgeable person.

Yrneh Brown
Yrneh Brown is a recent transfer student from Los Angeles City College.  He was born in Kingston, Jamaica.  Art has always been a part of Yrneh’s life, which is why he is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts at USC.   He hopes to gain a better understanding of fine art and advance as an artist.  Yrneh plans on pursuing graduate studies and hopes to be able to teach in order to share his passion with the world. 

Ana Castor
At USC Ana is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in English and hopes to network with professors and peers and conduct independent research. Her future goals after USC include teaching and inspiring students through reading and writing.

Linda Fawaz
Linda enjoys traveling and learning about different places. This interest has fueled her desire to pursue an International Relations degree at USC. She looks forward to meeting and working with diverse and talented students at USC. Her future goals are to apply to graduate school and continue being a life- long learner.
Sarah Flores
Sarah spent most of her childhood in Joplin, Missouri and moved to California for new opportunities. She is transferring to USC from Los Angeles City College as an Environmental Engineering major. Upon graduation from USC Sarah would love to travel to other countries do not have the technology available to improve their environments.
Rihao Gao
Rihao was born and raised in China. At USC Rihao hopes to meet amazing people and take advantage the various opportunities USC has to offer. After USC Rihao wants to earn a JD/MBA and work as a corporate lawyer or a business manager.
M. Pilar Guzman
Pilar was born in Boston, Massachusetts and was raised in La Paz, Bolivia. Pilar is currently pursuing a degree in English at USC. She enjoys reading poems, novels, and stories as well as writing. Pilar’s future goals include working as a writer and having her own editing company. She is committed to making her USC experience a well-rounded one.
Anthony Gaytan
Anthony was born and raised in Los Angeles. He is currently majoring in East Asian Languages and Culture at USC. His passions for the East Asian language, culture, and arts made him become fluent in Japanese. He hopes to be able to get a well-rounded experience at USC that will help him move out of California and experience new avenues in life.

Michael Graber
Michael is an Environmental Studies major at USC. After USC, Michael wants to open a sustainable business that will promote a greener life style for America. He would also like to travel the world teaching the importance of preserving the environment.

Martin Head
Martin is currently majoring in Theater Arts at USC. He was born New Haven, Connecticut but has lived in Southern California for most of his life. Theater has always been his passion and he uses it as a form of communication and to help others. While at USC, Martin hopes to gain a strong foundation and training that will help him pursue graduate studies, acting, and directing opportunities.

Peter Hoang
Peter’s focus of study at USC is biochemistry. His goal is to become a pharmacist. He was born and raised in Southern California. He is passionate about being part of the health care system and has a strong belief in mixing passion with his desired profession. While at USC he also wants to be able to create a solid support system through relationships with peers and faculty.
Zheng Jin
Zheng moved to the United States in 2008 from China. His current concentration of study is civil engineering. His interests are architecture, urban planning and development. Zheng is fluent in Korean, Chinese, and English. Soccer is his sport of preference and also enjoys working on computer software, music, and videos.
Donald Kaiser
Donald was born in Cleveland, Ohio and raised in Los Angeles, California. As a musician his program of study at USC is Communications and Music Industry. He wants to expand his knowledge of the music business as well as prepare towards receive a Master’s of PhD in Media Studies. Donald’s future goals are to travel and study various forms of media across the world.
Maia Kustin
Maia is pursuing a Bachelor’s in Psychology with a focus on behavior, motivations, and emotions. Maia enjoys working with people and helping them. Her goals while at USC are to build a community and network with top professionals in psychology as a way of developing as a student in the field of psychology. In the future, Maia would like to open her own private practice.
M. Angelo Macaso
Angelo was born in the Philippines and moved to the Los Angeles area with his family at the age of 11. Currently, Angelo is passionate about pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering at USC. He finds the field of engineering revolutionary and wants to be part of the way in which it benefits society. His future goals are to obtain a Master’s degree in Physics and become a professor.
Maria Rivas
Maria was born in southern California and worked for 15 years in the human resources field before deciding to pursue a Business Administration degree at USC. At USC, Maria would like to expand her knowledge of the human resource field in order to become a strong professional asset and become a Director of Human Resources in a mid-to-large size company. Maria would like to eventually obtain an MBA and secure a Vice President of Human Resources position.
Joshua Sena
Joshua was born and raised in East Los Angeles, California. Joshua decided to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology at USC because, put simply, he is fascinated by people. Joshua would like to enter the film industry as a director upon graduate from USC. Ultimately, Joshua views USC not only as an institution that will help him become a better academically but also develop as a person.
Le Tran
Le was born in Hong Kong and has been an Angeleno since she was an infant. Le is currently pursuing a degree in Accounting at USC. While at USC she would like to connect with professors and make long-lasting friendships. Her ultimate goals are to give back to the community by being part of and helping shape the urban environment within Los Angeles.

2009 - 2010 SCholar Cohort

Griselda Alatorre
Alejandra Arguelles was born in Mexico City and lived in the Los Angeles Area since she was twelve years old. Upon graduation from Manual Arts High School, Alejandra entered the work force. She worked for several years until she realized she needed a higher education in order to achieve her dreams. Alejandra attended Los Angeles Trade Tech College and received her Associates Degree in Accounting before transferring to the University of Southern California. Alejandra hopes that one day in the near future her dream of becoming a CFO will come true.
Rutilio Castor Jr. was born in Los Angeles California, but was raised in Mexico. After graduating from Lakewood High School, he enrolled at Long Beach City College to become a Recording Engineer.  After completing his first semester, Rutilio dropped out in order to join the labor force.  After years of working at a dead-end job, Rutilio decided to go back to school. He enrolled at Los Angeles Trade-Tech College in the Machine Shop Program. After completing the program, Rutilio took the advice from his English professors and declared English as his major and put all his focus and dedication into being admitted to USC. Rutilio knew that USC would push him to another level and after he was admitted, he realized he had made the right decision.  While attending USC, Rutilio plans to obtain a Master’s in Education and become an English Professor.  Currently he is working closely with a program called “Colleges against Cancer” which raises funds for the American Cancer Society and cancer awareness.  His goal in life is to teach, inspire, and motivate just like his peers and mentors have inspired him to never give up.
Jesus Escobar was born and raised in South Central Los Angeles, California.  Upon receiving his GED at Bell Alternative Education and Work Center, Jesus began his college experience at East Los Angeles College (ELAC) where he developed a passion for learning.  At ELAC, Jesus made it his priority to one day become a Trojan and transfer to one of the most renowned schools in the country.  At the University of Southern California (USC), Jesus is majoring in Sociology with the anticipation of obtaining a second major in Political Science.   He has completed numerous hours of community service, including helping with the construction of homes for needy families and removing litter from the L.A community while working with organizations such as Caltrans and Habitat for Humanity.  Upon graduation from USC, Jesus plans to enroll in a postgraduate degree program in the social sciences. 
Edgar Escobedo was born in Mexico.  At the age of fourteen, he and his brother migrated up north to reunite with their parents in East Los Angeles.  Edgar attended Roosevelt High School where he graduated with honors and was offered a scholarship to attend UC Irvine.  His migratory status made him ineligible to receive the scholarship earned or to attend any other college or university at the time.  Edgar had no choice but to join the workforce where he held several minimum-wage jobs over the years.  In 2002 he finally had the opportunity to return to school and resume his dream of getting a fine education.  He enrolled in Los Angeles City College where he received his Associates degree in Liberal Arts ten years after graduating from High School.  At USC, Edgar is a Policy, Planning and Development major.  He plans to attend law school and focus on immigration law.
Christopher Juarez graduated from Alhambra High School in Alhambra California, and attended East Los Angeles College before transferring to USC. In line with his current interests, Chris spent over four years serving on the Alhambra City Youth Commission which is an advisory board to the City Council tasked with ensuring the city is appropriately serving the young citizens’ needs. Chris is a sophomore, currently studying political science and plans to pick up a double major in policy, planning and development. He plans attend law school after graduation and continue his passion for government and civil service with a possible career as a municipal attorney.
Hung Lac grew up in Vietnam and came to Monterey Park in 2002 where he attended Mark Keppel High School.  He continued to pursue his academic goal at East Los Angeles College with a major in biochemistry.  He recently transferred to USC due to the wide array of potential opportunities that USC offers to science majors and the great help that USC students receive.  Hung is determined to achieve his goal of becoming a pharmacist.  He plans to continue his education after USC undergraduate as a pharmacy student, possibly in USC School of Pharmacy.
Evelyn Larios, a native of Los Angeles, was raised in Little Rock, Arkansas. At age ten, she moved back to California and attended Los Angeles High School.  Upon graduation, Evelyn decided to attend Los Angeles Community College (LACC) to pursue higher education.  While attending LACC, Evelyn was not certain about what she wanted to do with her life.  Eventually, Evelyn found a passion for Sociology and was admitted to the University of Southern California, which was a lifelong dream.  Evelyn’s strong will and motivation to attend USC came about because of the nurturing environment USC has in creating successful professionals. As a SCholar and member of the Trojan family, Evelyn’s goal is to earn a PhD and become a professor of Sociology. Evelyn hopes to become a role model to future generations of students who plan to pursue higher education.
Luciano Nunez is from East Los Angeles and graduated from James A. Garfield High School. After high school, Luciano attended East Los Angeles College to study math, physics and engineering. At USC, Luciano is studying Civil Engineering with a focus of Structural Engineering. Luciano is currently a member is the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, American Society of Civil Engineers, and Engineers without Borders. Luciano plans to obtain a graduate degree in engineering so he can practice Civil Engineering as well as teach math and engineering at a community college in order to help students of similar background pursue their education at prestigious universities.
Cachet Nurse was born and raised in Brooklyn New York. Always having been intrigued by the performing arts, she attended Talent Unlimited High School in Manhattan with a focus on acting. In 2006, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a degree in film and television. After completing several short films and being awarded for her outstanding achievements by the Multicultural Motion Picture Association, she was accepted into the prestigious University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts where she is a Cinema Production major with a minor in screenwriting. Upon graduation, Cachet looks forward to creating a production company for the purpose of developing scripted series and independent films.
Nancy Padron de Mendez was born in Mexico City and was raised by a single mother. At the age of seven Nancy and her family moved to the U.S in search of better opportunities. Her family settled in South L.A and lived there for ten years. Nancy received her high school diploma from Maxine Waters Employment Preparation Center located in the heart of South L.A. Nancy continued her education at East Los Angeles College and joined the SCholars program. Upon completion of her lower division requirements, Nancy transferred to USC where she will focus on her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. Nancy plans to earn a Master’s Degree and use her knowledge to break the “glass ceiling” of a prestigious corporation.
David Perera was born and raised in the San Gabriel Valley. He attended the infamous Rosemead High School, home of the Panthers. After graduation, David then moved on to Pasadena City College and East Los Angeles College after high school. He is now at USC's Viterbi School of Engineering studying Civil Engineering. When David has a little time to himself he loves swimming at the Lyon center and spending time with friends and family, especially his daughter. Upon graduation from USC with his Masters degree, David will pursue a Professional Engineering License and General Contracting License in order to work for a construction company. After a couple years of gaining experience and insight, David will then open his own construction business.
Sarai Elena Resendez is a current dental hygiene student at USC’s School of Dentistry. She was raised in Los Angeles and attended Los Angeles Trade Technical College. She is first generation college student and is always looking to motivate others in pursuing a higher education. Ever since she was sixteen years old, her passion sprouted for the dental field. She plans to open a non-profit dental office to serve the underserved community. Her optimal goal is to educate the community of the importance of oral hygiene. She is excited to be part of the Trojan Family. Fight on!
Gabriela Ruiz was born and raised in East Los Angeles, California where she attended James A. Garfield High School.  Upon graduation Gabby continued her academic career at East Los Angeles College as a business major.  The school of her dreams has always been USC because of its unlimited resources and opportunities granted to students.  USC is more than an impressive name for her, but a family and network that cannot be compared to any other university.  Gabby is a Mexican American Alumni Association (MAAA) Scholar and working on campus to build her social network.  She is eager and motivated to gain the best experience and knowledge on campus by being active and hardworking.  Gabby wants to enter the business field and with her personal qualities, knowledge, and skills she will be an outstanding leader and team player.
David Sukhyun Soh was born in Brazil, Sao Paulo. After graduating high school he moved to Los Angeles where he began studying computer science and engineering at Los Angeles City College. Internships and job opportunities gave David a new direction on his studies. East Los Angeles College (ELAC) offered him the most comprehensive engineering program in Southern California. With an Associate of Science and CAD design certificate, ELAC prepared him with a good foundation to attend the Civil Engineering program at Viterbi School of Engineering at USC. Eventually he will earn the Masters degree and pursue the profession in which he always found interest.
James Trent was born in Orlando, FL and grew up in Valdosta, GA where he graduated from Valdosta High School in 1986.  After serving in the U.S. Navy, he worked in the computer industry until he started to follow his dream of becoming an actor.  After studying acting and improvisation in Frederick, MD, Washington, D.C., and Chicago, IL, he moved to Los Angeles to continue chasing his dream of working in film.  He graduated from Los Angeles City College with an AA in Cinema Production and then transferred into the prestigious USC School of Cinematic Arts Production Program.  After completing his Bachelor’s Degree, he would like to pursue his Master’s Degree in the USC School of Cinematic Arts Peter Stark Producing Program.  He would like to combine his love for acting, directing, and producing to create films that make the world smile.
Roland Wiryawan was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. After working as professional host and event organizer at his hometown, he flew to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of being a film director.  He started his journey by attending Los Angeles City College in fall 2006.  He is a founder and former president of International Student Association at his community college which primary focuses on helping international students. He also has been involved in various events with the Indonesian community. He earned his associate degree and certificate for Cinema Production in June 2009, and transferred to USC School of Cinematic Arts.  He is proud to be part of SCholars program and a recipient of Norman Topping Student Aid Fund.

Zuxi Zhu grew up and attended school in Tokyo, Japan. After high school, he came to the United States and started an entertainment company. He also began taking classes at East Los Angles College. Fall 2009, Zuxi closed his company and transferred to the University of Southern California (USC) as an East Asian Languages and Cultures major and United States Air Force ROTC’s cadet. His greatest reason for choosing to transfer to USC is the exceptional education that USC offers to all students. He plans to use his academic experience to help other people and serve the country. Zuxi is looking forward to the challenge of earning his Bachelor’s degree, but is most excited about becoming part of the Trojan Family.

2008 – 2009 SCholar Cohort

Juana Escobar was born in Compton and attended Taft High School in Woodland Hills, California. After graduation, she enrolled at Los Angeles City College with a passion for writing, comedy and a great interest in the entertainment industry. She is a junior-level Communication major at the University of Southern California's Annenberg School for Communication. Juana chose to attend USC because it was a goal of hers since childhood. She believes that the environment at USC is both welcoming and encouraging— professionally, academically, and socially. It is very important for Juana to represent herself well because she is the first person in her family to attend college. Juana is most excited about becoming a part of the Trojan Family and taking advantage of leadership opportunities offered. Eventually, she would like to continue her graduate studies at Annenberg and receive a Master's degree in Communication Management.

Patricia Gomes is single mother with an eight-year-old daughter. She grew up in San Fernando Valley, California where she attended Canoga Park High School. Ms. Gomes successfully earned her GED from Glendale Adult Community College. Upon earning her GED, Ms. Gomes began her studies at Los Angeles City College. She transferred to USC in 2008 and is now an American Studies & Ethnicity major. Transferring to USC opened up many opportunities for Ms. Gomes. Recently, she has been working with the American Studies & Ethnicity Department on a research project that pertains to the P’urepecha community. Her goal is to document the large migration of this Native American group to an American Indian reservation in Southern California. Her research is innovative and it has received much support from professors at USC. As a result, she was encouraged to apply for a research grant to continue her studies in the spring. Ms. Gomes has seen wonderful opportunities unfold and cannot wait to see what the future will bring for herself and her daughter.

Chuck Hohng was born in 1986 in Long Beach, California. Chuck’s family moved to South Korea soon after his birth where he spent fourteen years of his life. After he finished his first year of high school at Yang-jae High School in South Korea, Chuck returned to the United States and moved to Montesano, a small town in Washington State. It was there that Chuck began to notice his potential as an artist. Upon graduation from high school, he moved to California and enrolled at Los Angeles City College with the goal of obtaining an Associate’s Degree. In 2007, Chuck decided to continue his education at the University of Southern California as a Fine Arts major. His decision to aim for a successful future and fulfill his academic goals has led him to USC and Chuck is eager to experience an academic environment that only the Trojan family can provide.

Kelli Jackson is originally from Kansas City where she attended Shawnee Mission East High School. She moved to Los Angeles at the age of 17 to pursue an acting career and attend school. Kelli enrolled at Los Angeles Community College and became a mentor for Speech 101. She is an actress in the Screen Actors Guild and earned the award of Top Speaker for Personal Oral Interpretation in the State of California for fall 2008. She transferred to USC in the spring of 2009 with a major in English and a minor in African American Studies with a Pre-Law emphasis. USC is where Kelli has always envisioned herself, and Kelli believes that an education at USC will provide her with a strong network of fellow Trojans to help her excel in her career goals. She is eager to get involved in many activities and plans on pledging a sorority and getting involved in sports.

Henry Landaverde was born in El Salvador. In 1989, Henry and his mother arrived in Los Angeles, California in search of a prosperous life. Among his friends, Henry was the only one to graduate high school. While completing his lower division requirements at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College, Henry made it his priority to transfer to USC. While developing a passion for the stock market, Henry decided to major in Economics to better help him understand the market. USC is known as a great school, with leaders ranging from athletics, cinema, business, and academia, and that is why Henry is part of the USC family and the next leader in his field. Upon graduation, Henry plans on beginning his career on Wall Street and eventually establishing his own fund. One of Henry’s passions is boxing, and he also plans on becoming a promoter.

Nicholas Lewis was born in Belize and grew up with his grandmother and other relatives. He attended St. Johns College and moved to the US after achieving an Associate degree in Science. He attended LATTC where he did his transfer credits and is currently a transfer student as a BIOCHEM major at USC with a Pre-Pharmacy emphasis. As an immigrant, Nicholas feels that he had difficulties adapting to his new environment. However, education is the driving force in his life and through attending LATTC, he was able to see many opportunities for success. While going to school, he wanted to work and was blessed to find employment with a wonderful company. For the past five years, Nicholas has been both working and going to school. Been a member of the Trojan family is exciting and challenging but I am fortunate to be a part of a wonderful program like the SCholars Program that offers support in every possible way. His hobbies are playing basketball, soccer and bowling.

Chrystian Alan Lopez hails from the city of San Diego, California. Upon graduation from Chula Vista School for the Creative and Performing Arts, he enrolled at Grossmont College in El Cajon, California. After one year, he moved to Los Angeles and began taking classes at Los Angeles City College. Chrystian is now enrolled as a Music Industry major at the University of Southern California. Chrystian has a variety of reasons for which he chose to attend USC, his main reason being USC’s prestigious and reputable academic history. He believes that USC can provide the type of environment where his full potential can be attained. Chrystian believes that USC offers the complete package of both academic and extra-curricular activities, and that it is one of the best universities to attend in the world. Chrystian is enthusiastic about the coming years at USC, and is elated about the opportunity to study alongside other diligent students under the guidance of renowned professors.

Tiffany San Juan was born and raised in Monterey Park, California. After graduating from Mark Keppel High School, Tiffany attended East Los Angeles College. She challenged herself with a wide-range of courses in hopes of finding a true passion. After a year at ELAC, Tiffany took interest in both Sociology and Economics. With that in mind, Tiffany instantly found a major that combined both of her interests – International Relations (Global Business). For Tiffany, USC is more than a prestigious name. It is a top-notch institution exuding an energetic Trojan atmosphere with valuable opportunities and resources. Tiffany breathed a sigh of relief upon her acceptance to USC. She is eager to continue her academic career and excited to be a part of the Trojan family.

Adriano Santos was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. At age 14, he moved to San Francisco, California where he attended Woodside High School. Upon graduation, he began his studies at Foothill College as a Biology major with the intention of going to medical school. He moved to Los Angeles in 2006 hoping to attend the prestigious University of Southern California. In Los Angeles, Adriano was given the employment opportunity of being the Property Manager of a fifty unit apartment complex. With this new opportunity, Adriano found a niche for Business. He enrolled at Los Angeles Community College with a new focus, a major in Finance and Business Economics with an emphasis on market investments, and a minor in International Relations. Adriano is excited about the rigorous business program at USC’s Marshall School of Business; he believes it will provide him with the educational backbone to allow him to be a successful professional. The education provided at USC will lead Adriano to a future with limitless opportunities, personal growth, and great accomplishments.

Martha Servin grew up in South Central Los Angeles and graduated from Huntington Park High School with honors. Instead of accepting an invitation to attend the University of Southern California after high school, Martha chose to explore the corporate world. After approximately ten years, Martha returned to her dream of completing her college education. She enrolled at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College where she discovered her passion to teach English to ESL adults. Martha’s lifetime goal has been to graduate from the University of Southern California. However, it is not only the prestige that attracts her to USC. As a transferring English major, Martha has found no other school that compares with the extensive teaching credentials provided by the USC Rossier School of Education. The overwhelming satisfaction of finally being able to reach her educational goals as part of the Trojan family motivates Martha as she looks forward to the upcoming year.

Aurora Uribe grew up in Los Angeles County where she attended Bell High School. Upon graduation, she continued her studies as a Business Administration major at East Los Angeles College, where she received her Associate's Degree. She has currently begun her academic career at the University of Southern California where she will continue her studies in Accounting. She chose to attend USC because of the exceptional education and opportunities it provides its students. Aurora is looking forward to making the most of her university experience and engaging with the community of professors and students at USC.

Issac Vermillion was born in Los Angeles, California, but spent much of his youth in Charlotte, North Carolina, as well as Chicago, Illinois. Once Issac returned to Los Angeles, he attended Roosevelt High School and, soon after, began working full time to help his family. Issac decided to return to his educational goals and attends USC as a transfer student from East Los Angeles College. He studies Business/Finance at USC’s Marshall School of Business, and hopes to have a career in Public Accounting before starting up his own real estate investment group. Attending USC has been a lifelong dream for Issac and he is looking forward to the opportunity of networking with Trojans from all over the world. What excites Issac most about the years to come is the fact that he can use his experience at USC as a way to mentor youth in his community of East Los Angeles.

Connie Wong was born and raised in Monterey Park, California, known on Wikipedia as the “community in the United States with the largest population of Chinese descent”. There, she graduated from Mark Keppel High School in 2007 and decided college would begin through the transfer route. She moved on to East Los Angeles College as a Business major with high hopes of one day attending the University of Southern California. Now, one year after she began her training at ELAC, she is a second semester sophomore in the Marshall School of Business. Connie is a member of her dormitory's building government, Colleges Against Cancer, and the SCholars Program, where she has found remarkable resources, guidance, excitement, and encouragement. Connie is preparing to become a Residential Advisor and furthering her portfolio as she sets her goals on one day managing an events production and coordinating agency.

Roland Zapata grew up and attended school in Baldwin Park, California. After high school, he joined the Marine Corps and later began taking classes at East Los Angeles College. At ELAC, Roland earned an Associate’s degree in Liberal Arts and has transferred to the University of Southern California as a Psychology major. His greatest reason for choosing to transfer to USC is the exceptional education that USC offers to all of its students. He plans to use his academic experience to help others through a career in academic counseling. Roland is looking forward to the challenge of earning his Bachelor’s degree, but is most excited about becoming part of the Trojan Family.

Tina Zeng grew up in Alhambra, CA and attended Alhambra High School where she was highly involved in student government, serving as ASB President and Class President her senior year. Upon graduating from Alhambra High, she attended East Los Angeles College for one year and transferred to the University of Southern California where she now pursues a major in Communications and a minor in Art History. Tina has presented her research findings at the University of California at Irvine and participated in a summer research program at the University of California at Berkeley. From these two experiences, Tina decided that attending graduate school is a must in her academic career and believes that attending East Los Angeles College was the catalyst that moved her to pursue higher academics. Tina’s life goal is to hold a career related to the arts and show others its beauty, educational value, and power to transform the human heart. She is a proud member of the SCholars program and the Trojan family! Fight on!

2007 – 2008 SCholar Cohort

Silvia Green grew up in Huntington Park, California – a predominantly Latino community in the outskirts of Los Angeles where she attended Huntington Park High School. Five years after finishing high school, Silvia enrolled at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College where she completed her Associate degrees in Fashion Merchandising and Liberal Arts. She then transferred to USC where she is majoring in Anthropology with a minor in American Studies and Ethnicity. Silvia chose to attend USC not only for its reputation of excellence but for its challenging educational atmosphere and its diverse student body, faculty and staff. She found that USC offers exceptional programs in the areas she is interested in studying, which are Anthropology, Ethnic Studies, and Journalism. Silvia plans to pursue a PhD in Anthropology after completing her undergraduate studies. She also hopes to study various cultures in different parts of the world and to someday teach at a university.

SCholar Alumni

  • Shamell Bell, B.S. American Studies and Ethnicity from the USC College of Letters, Arts & Sciences- 2010
  • Heng Chov, B.S. Accounting from the Leventhal School of Accounting- 2010
  • Michael Fleming, B.A. Sociology from the USC College of Letters, Arts & Sciences-2010
  • Rafael Garcia, B.A. Cinematic Arts from the USC School of Ceinmatic Arts- 2010
  • Stephanie Garcia, B.S. Business from the Marshal School of Business- 2010
  • Ke’Lona Hamilton, B.A. English from the USC College of Letters, Arts & Sciences- 2010
  • Narciso Robles, B.S. Accoutning from the Leventhal School of Accounting- 2010
  • Chuck Hohng, B.A. Fine Arts from the Roski School of Fine Arts- 2010
  • Kent Kaewwaen, B.S. Civil Engineering from the Viterbi School of Engineering- 2010
  • Vanessa Mastrapa, B.A. Political Science from the USC College of Letters, Arts & Sciences- 2010
  • Paula Mercado, B.S. Accounting from the Leventhal School of Accounting- 2010
  • Aurora Uribe, B.S. Accounting from the Leventhal School of Accounting- 2010
  • Eunice Velarde, B.S. American Studies and Ethnicity & Chicano/Latino Studies from the USC College of Letters, Arts & Sciences- 2010
  • Alicia Villa, B.S. Business Administration and International Relations from the Marshall School of Business- 2010
  • Javier Aguilar, B.S. Health Promotion and Disease Prevention from the College of Letters, Arts & Sciences - 2009
  • Patrick Bangu, B.S. Accounting from the Marshall School of Business – 2009
  • Apollo Emeka, B.A. Sociology from the College of Letters, Arts & Sciences – 2009
  • Jose Olmos, B.A. Animation and Digital Arts from the USC School of Cinematic Arts – 2009
  • Tanie Tran, B.A. Sociology from the College of Letters, Arts & Sciences – 2009
  • Angelica Vazquez, B.A. Philosophy from the College of Letters, Arts & Sciences - 2009
  • Makiea Georgia Buford, B.A. English from the College of Letters, Arts & Sciences - 2009
  • Emmanuel Akinwole, B.S. Biochemistry from USC College of Letters, Arts & Sciences – 2008
  • Iliana Guevara, B.A. Cinema Television from USC School of Cinematic Arts – 2008
  • Evelyn Gutierrez, B.A. Sociology from USC College of Letters, Arts & Sciences – 2008
  • Senovita Lopez, B.S. Dental Hygiene from USC School of Dentistry – 2008
  • Dinah Manning, B.A. Philosophy from USC College of Letters, Arts & Sciences – 2008
  • Deara Okonkwo, B.A. English from USC College of Letters, Arts & Sciences – 2008
  • Frank George Paulino, B.A. Cinema Television from USC School of Cinematic Arts – 2008
  • Angelica I. Sanchez, B.S. Public Policy, Management & Development from USC College of Letters, Arts & Sciences – 2008
  • Angelica Vazquez, B.A. Philosophy from the USC College of Letters, Arts & Sciences-2008
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