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How do I report an academic integrity violation?
Using the Report of Academic Integrity Violation form will ensure that all the necessary information is included in your report. The completed form and copies of supporting documentation should be forwarded to Student Judicial Affairs and Community Standards.

What happens if a student withdraws from my class before a violation is reported?
University policy prohibits withdrawal from a course in which a student has committed or is accused of committing an academic integrity violation. After receiving a Report of Academic Integrity Violation, Student Judicial Affairs and Community Standards notifies the Office of Academic Records and Registrar, which blocks the student’s withdrawal or reenrolls the student, as appropriate.

What appears on the academic transcript when I report a student for an academic integrity violation?
Suspension and expulsion from the university, revocation of admission and revocation of degree are the only disciplinary sanctions noted on a student’s transcript. Disciplinary grade sanctions are not distinguished from grades assigned solely on academic performance.

I discovered a violation and it is the end of the semester. What grade should I assign?
A mark of “MG” should be assigned when a violation is discovered during the final exam period, or when the grade penalty is a grade of F for the course and the matter is not resolved before grades must be submitted. If you need assistance with this, contact Student Judicial Affairs and Community Standards.
When marks of “MG” are assigned for unresolved academic integrity violations, Student Judicial Affairs and Community Standards can assist you in assigning the final letter grade when the matter is resolved.
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