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The director of Student Judicial Affairs and Community Standards (SJACS) will receive all referrals and decide on the most appropriate course for resolution. Referrals alleging that a student conduct code has been violated may have judicial charges pending, but if SJACS determines mediation is an alternative the case will be referred to the Peer Mediation Program (PMP). To expedite the mediation process, SJACS will then contact the parties involved in the referral, explain the mediation option, get a verbal consent to proceed with the mediation process, get a summary of the mediation issue and schedule a mediation session. The mediation session must take place within 25 days of the referral. Once mediation is complete, the mediation agreement will be forwarded to SJACS. That agreement is binding under the Student Conduct Code and successful completion of the process and agreement would negate any judicial action by SJACS. If any of the parties are unwilling to participate in the mediation process or refuse to abide by the mediation settlement, SJACS will have the option of reviewing the case and may employ the student conduct process to formally adjudicate the matter. The PMP will not be utilized to adjudicate academic dishonesty complaints.
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