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Audio Information

Audio Overview

Bovard Auditorium's house sound system is designed to create a clear sound without over-amplification by using a network of under-balcony delay speakers to fill out the sound from the main cluster, and by only sending sound to those sections of the auditorium that are occupied. For loud music or dance events, the Tri-Amped 50,000 watt system is capable of 104db at the back wall. Rental with audio staffing includes the use of this system. Please view the "House System" audio details below. Our production staff will provide lists of items that might need to be rented for the success of your event. Bovard Auditorium has a good working relationship with several Audio/Video companies in Los Angeles that provide excellent equipment and discounted rates to our clients.

For questions contact the technical director.


Yamaha PM5D-RH

Yamaha PM5D

The PM5D is a full featured digital mixing console. Some features include:


Loudspeakers & Amplification

Stereo Imaging Clusters (Installed Flown From Ceiling)

Stereo Imaging (Stage Stacked)

Subwoofers (Install)

Subwoofers (Stage Stacked)

Center Cluster (Installed Flown From Ceiling)

Stage Lip Fill

FOH Reference Monitors

First Balcony Delay Ring

Second Balcony Delay Ring

70 Volt System

House Signal Processing (Installed)


Stage Monitors & Amplification

8 BBI HA1M Passive 10" with 1' Comp.

8 L'Acoustic 115XT

2 BBI NS-18 Drum Subs







Ramtech Snake

snake box

XLR Cable

1 12-output XLR press patch box