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Contacting Bovard Auditorium

To contact the Bovard Production Office, please use the following address:

Production Office Hours

Monday through Friday

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Find our Production Office: Directions PDF

Bovard Executive Staff

Bovard Executive Staff

Bovard Production Desk

Jessica Mahon Storm Nylen Email: Phone: 213-740-4211

Director of Performance Venues

Brandon Operchuck Email: Phone: 213-740-8159

Technical Director, Performance Venues

Matthew Phillips Email: Phone: 213-821-4373

Lighting Director, Performance Venues

Omar Dana Email: Phone: 781-254-2439

Audio Director, Performance Venues

Sean SimerlyEmail: Phone: 213-740-4211

Bovard Facilities Operations Manager

Tim Howard Email: Phone: 213-740-8152

Bovard Executive House Managers

Laura Caudill Jennifer Zahlit Kiki Hallebo Email:

Performance Venues Personnel Managers

Kanika Khanna Katherine Arellano Email: Phone: 213-740-7778