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Lighting Information



For lighting control, Bovard uses an ETC Ion lighting console. This console lets us control, save, and recall lighting looks.

For for information, check out ETC's website. Or the user manual.

Unique features of Bovard's setup:



Bovard Auditorium has 192 ETC Sensor dimmers to control the intensity of all conventional fixtures. Each dimmer channel is rated up to 2.4kW. We also use an ETC SmartSwitch relay to control non-dim lighting power over DMX. Detailed specifications:

Dimmable Circuit Locations

Location # Ckts
Attic 10
2nd Balcony Rail 28
1st Balcony Rail 4
Box Boom (x 4) 5
DS Truss 22
US Truss 16
Electric 1 21
Electric 2 19
Electric 3 21
Light Ladder (x 2) 10
US Wall 6

* All dimmer connectors are 20A stage-pin, except (6) Socapex on light ladders.

Non-dim Circuit Locations

Location # Ckts
DS Truss 6
US Truss 6
Electric 2 2
Light Ladder (x 2) 6
SL Wall 6
DSL Wall 6

* All non-dim connectors are 15A Edison, except (6) Socapex on light ladders & walls.



Bovard Auditorium uses different lighting fixtures to accomplish an overall lighting look. Each fixture has unique properties and uses.

Qty Type Lamp
80 ETC Source 4 Par EA 750W HPL
16 ETC Source 4 19deg 750W HPL
27 ETC Source 4 26deg 750W HPL
26 ETC Source 4 36deg 750W HPL
13 ETC LED Source 4 Lustr 36deg 750W HPL
7 Altman 8" Fresnel 1kW BVT
20 Par 64 Can MFL/WFL 1kW Par64
2 Altman Cyc Light 500W FCZ
9 Martin Mac 700 Profile -
9 Martin Mac 700 Wash -
8 Martin Mac 550 Profile -
2 Martin Jem K1 Hazer -

* All conventional connectors are 20A stage-pin. Other fixtures are 15A Edison.



Some of the accessories we stock include:


Lighting Plots

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