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Intimate Partner Violence
Intimate partner violence, also known as domestic or dating violence, includes physical battering, sexual assault and stalking. It often involves psychological abuse and verbal humiliation. It is a serious crime that occurs in both casual and serious relationships and in both opposite-sex and same-sex relationships. Intimate partner violence occurs in all socioeconomic, racial, ethnic, age and religious groups. But intimate partner violence is primarily a crime against women. In 2001, women accounted for 85 percent of the victims of intimate partner violence, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. Men accounted for approximately 15 percent of the victims.

Are you in an Abusive Relationship?

Does he or she:
  • Constantly want to know where you are or with whom you've been?
  • Often accuse you of being unfaithful?
  • Criticize you all the time?
  • Prevent you from getting to work or school?
  • Resent the time you spend studying?
  • Get in the way when you're connecting with your family or friends ?
  • Ask why you can't be like you were when you were first going out?
  • Get angry easily, especially when drinking?
  • Force you to account for every penny you spend?
  • Humiliate you in public?
  • Destroy your property or sentimental items?
  • Hit or punch you?
  • Use or threaten to use a weapon against you?
  • Say if you changed that they wouldn't abuse you?
  • Make excuses for his or her behavior?
  • Force you to have sex?
If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you may be in an abusive relationship or in a relationship that could become abusive And if you are caught in an abusive relationship, please ask for help. On average, more than three women are killed by their boyfriends or husbands in the United States everyday, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

Safety Strategies

If you answered yes to some of these questions, you should be thinking about safety strategies.

  • Tell someone what's happening. Confide in a relative or close friend whom you trust. See a counselor at the Center for Women and Men. Call a hotline for help.
  • Download a personal safety plan here.
  • Arrange to have a place where you can stay overnight at short notice if it suddenly becomes necessary.
  • Memorize the phone numbers of a trusted friend or a hot line.
  • If you are hurt or threatened, file an incident report with LAPD or the USC Department of Public Safety.
  • Document every incident, every injury, every effort to obtain counseling or other help, even if you don't file a police report. Good documentation helps the authorities take your allegations with the seriousness they deserve.
  • Keep originals of important papers — school and medical record, insurance documents, birth certificate, immigration papers, prescriptions — somewhere safe.
  • Don't leave appointment books or address books lying around.
  • Take a self-defense class.
  • If you've left someone who abused you, get a restraining order. The Center for Women and Men can assist you in obtaining one.

In an emergency, call DPS (213-740-4321) or LAPD (911). If you're calling on a cellular phone, be sure that you can describe your location accurately.

For more information about dating violence on campuses, download this article from the National Center for Victims of Crime’s Networks newsletter. It provides more statistics, discusses the role of alcohol and the prevalence of dating violence, and suggests how to reduce campus dating violence.

Helpful Telephone Numbers:

  • USC Center for Women and Men
    (213) 740-4900

  • USC Department of Public Safety
    Emergency: (213) 740-4321
    Business: (213) 740-6000

  • USC Student Counseling Services
    (213) 740-7711

  • USC Staff/Faculty Counseling Services
    (213) 740-2770
  • Violence Intervention Program (LAC+USC)
    (213) 226.3961 or (213) 226.3061 after hours

  • AVANCE East LA Hotline
    (English/Spanish) (800) 58-.6231

  • Peace Over Violence self-defense
    (213) 955-9098

  • RAD self-defense (DPS)
    (213) 740-6105

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