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Feminism is a social movement and an academic area that seeks equality for women and strives to end sexism. Many types ― and definitions ― of feminism exist. The following links provide a range of perspectives and information about feminism.


In “Aisha’s Legacy,” Islamic Studies Professor  Amina Wadud looks at the struggle for women’s rights within Islam.


Beyond Masculinity offers essays written by gay men about gender and politics.


The Center for Feminist Research provides the University of Southern California's feminist community with research-driven programming. is an activist community and portal of resources and information that support women's equality, justice, wellness and safety.


Jewish Women's Archives chronicles the history of American Jewish women, including the online exhibit Jewish Women and the Feminist Revolution.


Making Face, Making Soul:  is a site by, for and about Chicanas. 


Men Stopping Violence is a national organization dedicated to ending men's violence against women and to dismantling practices that oppress women and dehumanize men.


National Women's History Museum provides information and training in multicultural women’s history.

The National Organization of Men Against Sexism opposes sexism, homophobia and racism while supporting equality for women.


The National Organization for Women (NOW) is the largest organization of feminist activists in the United States


Nativeweb offers this list of native women's organizations and resources.


The Women's Rights National Historical Park in Seneca Falls, New York, commemorates the First Women's Rights Convention, held in July 1848.


Women's History & Feminist Theory Links compiled by Professor Catherine Lavender at the College of Staten Island.


XY is a forum for men who are seeking to build life-affirming, non-oppressive ways of being.