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The USC Center for Women & Men exists to facilitate the success of students, faculty and staff by providing innovative opportunities for leadership and scholarship and by offering advocacy and confidential counseling to those who have experienced gender-related harm. Through its educational programs, the Center fosters a better understanding of feminism, healthy masculinity and gender equity. Above all, The USC Center for Women & Men serves as a haven for students, staff and faculty.

The Center fosters an environment that enriches the USC experience across lines of gender, race, ethnicity, class, ability and sexual orientation by:
  • Offering educational programs that help prevent sexual violence and create healthy relationships.

  • Serving as a safe, confidential space for survivors of sexual assault and other gender-related harm to receive counseling and advocacy.

  • Providing programs that develop and apply leadership skills.

  • Collaborating with student groups and other campus offices committed to addressing gender-related topics.