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Women's Organizations
The following are some of the many organizations of interest to women at USC. If your organization is officially recognized by USC and not listed below, please send the relevant information.

The American Medical Women's Association (Student Chapter on the Health Sciences Campus) is a national organization of women physicians and medical students committed to promoting women's health issues, and to building a strong network of women in medicine throughout the country. Contact

The Black Women's Caucus promotes communication and unity among Black women on campus and enables them to deal with life on and off campus.
Contact Dr. Timmy Lee,

The Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance at the University of Southern California is part of a larger network of FMLA's throughout the Southern California area. They strive to bring awareness to the university setting and promote the feminist point of view both in the academic community as well as by reaching out to the local communities surrounding the campus. Contact or go to

The USC Helenes is a service organization comprised of women students who act as the official hostesses of USC. Contact or go to

Marshall Women's Leadership Board provides a network for undergraduate women at the USC Marshall School of Business. The board meets regularly for speaker events, development workshops, and social activities. Contact or go to

Nuestra Alma Latina is a sisterhood of Latina students, encouraging and motivating one another to succeed in college, to develop leadership abilities, and to overcome societal perceptions that hinder women. The group meets every Wednesday evening in El Centro Chicano. Contact or go to

The Panhellenic Council is the governing body for the sorority system, and provides information on sorority life and rush. Contact Beth Saul at 213.740.1195 or or go to

The Rites of Sisterhood is a mentor program designed to promote the development of girls in middle school. The group challenges young women to speak their minds, explore their hidden talents and learn life's hard, yet important, lessons through its monthly themes aided by workshops, forums and activities organized by other minority professional and college women. Contact or go to

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) is a non-profit professional, educational and service organization of both women and men engineers promoting the advancement of women in the engineering field. The USC student SWE section coordinates programs to support these goals as well as to foster social interaction between students, faculty and staff. SWE stimulates women to achieve full potential in careers as engineers and leaders, expands the image of the engineering profession as a positive force in improving the quality of life and demonstrates the value of diversity. Contact

Take Back the Night, an annual candlelit vigil protesting sexual violence, is co-sponsored by Women's Student Assembly and the Center for Women and Men.
Contact (213) 740-4900 or

Women in Accounting addresses the unique challenges facing women entering accounting. Regular seminars tackle contemporary issues that women encounter in the workplace.


Women in Cinema was founded at the University of Southern California in 2005. This student organization is dedicated to celebrating and encouraging the presence of women in cinema. WIC is comprised of film majors, minors, and enthusiasts alike. The aim of WIC is to provide the USC campus with "Women in Cinema"-centered events such as lectures by successful Hollywood women, screenings of work by women and about women, and other enriching activities and events that will promote the presence of women in film.


Women's Law Association works to improve the lives of women in the legal profession as well as society as a whole. The annual WLA luncheon brings together students and professionals in order to provide female role models in a male-dominated profession and to honor those women who have paved the way for the upcoming generation of women attorneys. The WLA sponsors lunchtime speakers, produces a newsletter of upcoming events and also keeps a list of alumnae who are interested in mentoring law students in order to promote networking opportunities for women.
Contact (213) 740-5501 or go to


The Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) is a groundbreaking effort to increase the representation and success of women in science and engineering at USC through a series of creative programs that enable women to thrive at every stage of their careers. Contact or go to
For a list of WiSE-related groups and organizations, go to


Women’s Student Assembly is part of the Student Senate Program Board, linking the many different women's student groups on campus for communication and funding purposes and promoting awareness of women's issues.
Contact or go to


Women and Youth Supporting Each Other (WYSE) is a mentorship program that provides middle school girls with the resources and support necessary to make informed decisions about their relationships, sexuality and futures, and to create community change. WYSE facilitate group sessions as well as individually mentor middle school females at one of two local middle schools. WYSE is designed to educate young women and empower them to make healthy decisions on their own. In addition, the organization works to create a cohesive team of mentors that supports one another as they support their mentees. Contact or go to


Women's Theatre Organization is a group of females at the University of Southern California dedicated to giving theatrical opportunities to women interested in pursuing the art of theatre. We increase the opportunity for women artists to produce and perform daring original, classical, and contemporary works that celebrate the female experience and challenge popular perspectives. Contact or go to

Information concerning activities for women students of specific ethnic or national backgrounds may be obtained from:

Office of Campus Activities at 213.740.5693 can provide a complete listing of student organizations, their current leaders, email addresses and telephone numbers.


Graduate students may contact the Graduate and Professional Student Senate at 213.740.5649.

Students on the Health Sciences Campus may call the Office for Women at 323.442.2554.

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