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Workshops & Special Events
Each semester, the Center offers a range of special events, workshops and lectures. We welcome invitations from fraternities, sororities and other student organizations; USC's NCAA teams; club sports; faculty and staff members; and RCs and RAs.

We always are happy to develop new workshops based on requests from students. As of August 2011, the Center for Women & Men offers the following programs:

Co-Ed or Single Sex

Cultivating Healthy Relationships: Explore the equality wheel, identify your "non-negotiables," discuss what a “perfect partner” may look like, and learn the difference between a bad relationship and an abusive one.


MySpace or Yours? Your online profile lists your birth date, your relationship status, your class schedule, your activities, your AIM, your e-mail, your campus address, your phone numbers, your hometown and much more. Plus you have 942 Facebook friends. Is there a down side? Explore the challenges of connecting your online life with your offline life and leave with a better understanding of online safety.


Making the Most of Your College Experience: Want to have the most meaningful friendships and relationships possible during your time at USC and beyond? Being able to befriend new people takes some skills used in everyday interaction. Just being aware of these commonalities regarding interaction and practicing them little by little will lead to you enhancing your social interactions and relationships with others.


Defining Beautiful: Critique and discuss what advertisements, television shows and movies tell us about how we should look.  Learn ways to recognize when someone is struggling with body image issues or eating disorders and about campus resources.


It’s Not You. It’s Me. (OK, It’s You.): When you end a relationship, you can avoid creating bitterness and minimize hurt feelings. Practice breaking up and find ways to get through the often-difficult days immediately following a breakup.


LGBT Sexual Assault: Discuss scenarios and concerns encountered by gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender college students in sexual situations. Learn ways to intervene when you spot red flags in social situations, whether you're an ally or GBT-identified yourself.

Female Only

Using the “F Word" in Your Sorority:  Explore different understandings of sisterhood and their connections to feminism.


Helping Friends through a Crisis:  Understand types of crises that occur on college campuses and ways to support friends experiencing such crises.  


Understanding Sexual Violence:  Dispel misconceptions about sexual assault, discuss scenarios and learn about common tactics that perpetrators use.

Male Only (USC Men Care Workshops)

Masculinity and me: Explore societal messages about how men are supposed to behave, how those messages affect relationships and what healthy ways of expressing their masculinity may look like.


Consent is sexy: Discuss ways of asking for consent that feel natural, not awkward, and the fundamental elements of consent.

Stand up: Talk about the role of bystanders, identify options and practice applying them in based on events at USC.

Fight on for equality: Explore more ways to watch out for your friends and, as a group, pledge to help end violence against women.

Support survivors: Learn about common reactions felt by survivors of sexual violence and discuss how to be a supportive friend.

Facebook and beyond: Learn about warning signs that someone may be stalking you and ways to protect yourself and friends.  


 To learn more about USC Men Care, please contact

Special Events

In early April, the Women’s Student Assembly in conjunction with the USC Center for Women & Men holds a weeklong series of events that culminates with the Take Back the Night rally and candlelight march. In late April, the USC Center for Women & Men organizes the campus participation in Denim Day. And throughout the year, the USC Center for Women & Men hosts a series of talks about the intersection of gender and different dimensions of diversity.



To schedule a program, contact Ekta Kumar

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