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Prospective Students


Prospective Students

Congratulations! You now have the opportunity to join one of the most outstanding greek communities in the nation. If you are looking for a community that is proud of its integrity, tradition, leadership and social life, you have just completed your search. Within this community lie a number of valued-based organizations that will help you further your skills as a leader and help you flourish during your college career.

The greek community at the University of Southern California will offer you countless opportunities to grow as a leader, to grow as a person of value, and to grow as a Trojan. Our community has a healthy social life, but we also consistently maintain a higher GPA than the all undergraduate average; this is a feat only a few universities across the nation have accomplished. Philanthropies and community service are a top priority for all of our organizations and bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood are unbreakable.

I hope you utilize your time to take an in depth view at this integral part of university culture and come to a decision that leads you to the right fraternity or sorority. More importantly, I hope that your experience in the greek community here at USC is as worthwhile to you as it has been to the many Trojans that have come before you in its 120 years of existence.



Kappa Alpha Order Returns to USC

The University of Southern California and the Office for Fraternity and Sorority Leadership Development welcomes Kappa Alpha Order back to the greek community.

After an extension application and interview process, members of the greek community agreed that Kappa Alpha Order would bring increased alumni involvement and innovative educational programming.

The University and the Interfraternity Council is providing all the necessary resources to support this re-colonization effort.

All students who are interested in learning more about Kappa Alpha Order should contact Jesse Lyons, Director of Chapter Development, at

Please join us in welcoming our newest addition to the greek community.