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Recognition Standards

The university’s goal is to achieve a greek system representing real excellence in the student experience, a greek system which can be described as the best in the United States and which will bring significant credit to the university. Further, the university wants to see the system grow, providing expanded opportunities for individual students, and increased potential for students to achieve personal growth. Within this framework, membership in a fraternity or sorority is considered to be a privilege, not a right. With this privilege comes the responsibility to behave in a manner exemplifying the ideals of fraternities and sororities and to eliminate any behavior inconsistent with those goals of membership. In fact, self- policing on individual member and group behavior remains the primary expectation of USC for its recognized student organizations.

The following policies have been adopted by the University of Southern California to make clear the university’s expectations of behavior for those fraternal organizations with which it has entered into a relationship of mutual pride and respect. In return, USC can enthusiastically endorse those student organizations which meet these criteria for recognition as providing an important compliment to the undergraduate experience at the University of Southern California.

The following policies will serve as to extend the existing Relationship Statement (adopted in 1986) serving to define USC’s relationship with fraternities and sororities.

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