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Purchasing Property in the USC Community
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Purchasing Property in the USC Community

If you are interested in purchasing property in the vicinity of the university to house a USC student or students, please be aware that USC strongly encourages students to live east of Vermont and north of Jefferson.  This is the area where most USC students not residing on campus live, where USC’s tram service provides the most service, and where USC’s Department of Public Safety patrols most frequently.  Further, USC strongly discourages the acquisition of single-family homes for student housing and is opposed to the illegal conversion of single-family homes for multi-family uses. 

If you have any questions regarding the university’s policies on this matter or the acquisition of properties in the vicinity of the university, please feel free to contact USC’s Department of Real Estate and Asset Management at (213) 821-3070.  This department will provide assistance in identifying the preferred areas for individuals to purchase housing for USC students and will work with developers interested in developing student housing for USC students.