Trojan wall of fame


Photo by Irene Fertik
On April 18, USC held a celebration to add the names of 29 students tothe Leavey Library's Wall of Scholars - a monument to academic excellence createdby the Skull and Dagger Society that honors students who have won university,national or inter-national prizes.

Established in 1994, the wall bears the names of more than 500 students datingback to 1913 and USC's first Rhodes scholar.

Among the 1994-95 scholars whose names have been engraved on the wall are, fromleft, back row, Martin Giannini, Brian Didier, Adam Avilez, Rachel Mastrapa,Alexander Wathen, James Emerson; front row, Michelle Ann Rangel Woo, CatherineBrennan, Maria Munoz, Kaushik Ranchod, Jennifer Eseranza, Alegre Ramos andMargaret Scully Granzeier.