Young Director Casts 'Shadow'

The 2006 BAFTA/L.A. Student Film Awards recognizes a thriller from MFA graduate Jesse Eisenhardt.
By James Tella
Three unsuspecting college graduates open the door to their fate in "Schattenkind" ("Shadow Kid").

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts/L.A. chose “Schattenkind” (translated as “Shadow Kid”) by production alumnus Jesse Eisenhardt as a runner-up at its student film awards June 15.

The thriller, set in an old German settlement town in Texas, follows three recent college graduates whose road trip to Los Angeles is interrupted by horrific weather and ghosts.

“For a while I thought my film would live and die on the horror festival circuit,” said Eisenhardt, who graduated in 2005 with an MFA. “I'm extremely proud, not only on a personal level, but for everyone involved in the production, for this honor.”

USC submitted the movie on the filmmaker's behalf and its acceptance came as a surprise to the largely cinema-television film crew, which included 2005 production MFA alumni Borga Dorter, Jeff Prugh, Greg Townsend and Malona Voigt; 2002 MFA alumnus Daniel S. Haas; and critical studies alumna Holly Leigh '06.

In addition to “Schattenkind,” BAFTA/L.A. also recognized the work of Adam Parrish King, whose animated film “The Wraith of Cobble Hill” took first place in the competition.

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