Eighty-six the (213)-new area code is (323) for HSC

The (213) area code officially split on June 13, putting the Health Sciences Campus into a zone covered by the new (323) area code.

During a seven-month grace period, both the new and old area codes will continue to work.

However, after Jan. 16, 1999, all numbers must be dialed using the correct code or calls will not be completed. Last December, the Health Sciences Campus ditched the 342 prefix in favor of the new 442 prefix in a move that gained the campus thousands of new numbers.

As a result of those changes, all campus numbers that used to look like this‹(213) 342-XXXX‹should now look like this: (323) 442-XXXX.

The changes will not affect campus five-digit dialing, except when calling the USC/Norris, whose prefix has changed from 764 to 865. Now, when calling the Norris from on campus, dial 5-XXXX instead of 4-XXXX.