Modular Robotics Lab

113 Powell Hall, University of Southern California
Ken Goldberg, Director.

In the Modular Robotics Lab, our aim is to develop a science base for automated assembly lines. We develop geometric algorithms and interactive systems that analyze the low-level geometry of components such as part feeders, sorters, and fixtures. An underlying theme is the use of modular sensors and actuators such as light beams and parallel-jaw grippers. Although this hardware bears a close resemblance to existing `hard' automation systems, we are applying computational theory to rapidly configure and reliably control this hardware. At a higher level, modular components such as flexible feeders and conveyor belts can be interactively configured to facilitate the design and evaluation of assembly lines prior to installation. The research addresses basic theoretical questions such as the complexity and completeness of algorithms and involves several companies in efforts to transfer basic results into industrial practice. The MRL is primarily funded by the National Science Foundation and Adept Technology Inc.

We've put one of our research article in hyptertext here.

A recent newspaper article can be found here.

A 1994 summary report can be found here.

Last WWW Project: Desktop Tele-Operation via the WWW.

Current WWW Project: The Tele-Garden.

Recent Publications
12 Open Problems in Industrial Robotics

Fieldwork. (8/2/94)

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