Collins Web Genre Categories

The latest version is as follows:

1 University-based projects Universities Graduate students, faculty
3 Commercial database services Company Academics, business users
6 Collections of links focused on a special subject or theme (I.e. the stupidity of man)
7 Electronic journals and magazines Academic, commercial, nonprofit presses
8 Compilations of information in a specialty
9 News sources
10 Directories (searchable and static), phone, map, schedules, other
11 Company home pages
14 Organization and association home pages
15 Reviewing Services
16 Advertising pages for various products
17 Personal pages (including individual resume pages)
18 Academic institution home pages
19 Search engines
21 Software distribution sites
23 Interactive sites (I.e. the Distributed Real-Time Groove Network)
24 Comedic pages
25 City and State Pages
26 Federal Government Pages
28 Resource pages for special interest groups (I.e. Inkspot)
29 Complaint boards Private individuals Internet users
30 Government agency pages

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