Summer 2014

Summer 2014


“One of the most important things to inventing is the permission to fail,” Gary Michelson says. Photo by John Livzey

Convergence: Man with a Plan

Scientists and engineers need to work alongside each other to push the next great biomedical advances. At USC, philanthropist
Gary Michelson just put their efforts into overdrive.

Aseem Afsah

Business Without Borders

Globe-trotting Millennials are on the move. They’re taking on our interconnected economy through USC’s World Bachelor in Business.

From left to right: Chris Sampson, director of the USC Pop Music Program; Rozzi Crane, first artist signed by Adam Levine; and Young Guru, 2014 artist-in-residence. Sampson and Crane photos courtesy of the USC Thornton School of Music; Guru photo by Jared Fullerton

Top of the Pops

USC Thornton’s popular music program emerges as a launchpad for the next generation of musicians and songwriters.

 Illustration by Wayne Brezinka

Long Journey to Justice

The Post-Conviction Justice Project leads a nationwide movement for juveniles serving life sentences without parole.

Trojan News

Nicholas Tedesco, Erasers


Drawing parallels between the creation of clothing and structures, USC architecture students in Lee Olvera’s fifth-year studio class painstakingly construct Mao jackets using unconventional materials.

Photo by Al Seib / Los Angeles Times

Redefining Reality

USC researcher Mark Bolas pushes the boundaries of human-computer interaction with immersive technologies.

Live From Dodger Stadium... The Trojan Marching Band

The Trojan Marching Band and the Dodgers have ties that
go way back.

Illustration by Brian Stauffer

A Curriculum for Curiosity

As educators across the country prepare for new inquiry-based teaching standards, a USC professor helps them think outside the textbook

“My academic coach helps me tremendously with time management, planning and goal setting,” Dani Ashijan says. Photo by Kylie Nicholson

A Different Way

Trouble concentrating? ADHD diagnosis? Or just disorganized? The USC Kortschak Center helps students with much-needed college survival skills.

Microraptor gui illustration by David Krentz

From Dinosaurs to Dissection

Anatomists at the Keck School collaborate with USC paleontologists on dinosaur bone identification.

Lewis Carroll wrote the letter in 1891. Photo courtesy of the USC Digital Library / Cassidy Lewis Carroll Collection

Literary Lamentations

In celebrity-crazy LA, hand-scripted words by C.L. Dodgson
(aka Lewis Carroll) about fame find a fitting home—123 years later.

Illustration by Jeong Suh at Bryan Christie Design

Brain Trust

The future of neuromedicine grows closer at the USC Neurorestoration Center, where patients are already seeing
the benefits.

Family News

Photo by Jon J. Shapley

Texan Trojan Spirit

Austin alumni are among the hundreds of Trojan faithful who give back at the USC Alumni Day of SCervice.

Jim and Mary Manos on their first date in 1954. Photo courtesy of Jim and Mary Manos

Longtime Trojans Still Fight On

Half Century Trojans Jim and Mary Manos share their love for all things USC.

Rigo Diaz at the USC Latino Alumni Association’s 40th anniversary scholarship gala in March. Photo by Ron Murray/Imageactive

Partners in Pride

Rigo Diaz dreamed of being a Trojan and made it happen. Now he gives back to support scholarships for tomorrow’s students.

Photo courtesy of USC University Archives

Fast Company

A former Olympic sprinter juggles professional life in LA, a country home in Arizona and volunteering for USC.

Ask Tommy

Coffee Dan’s tempted Trojans with sundaes and cherry Cokes.

Ask Tommy

Questions and answers with Tommy Trojan


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