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USC Memorial Tribute for
Jonathan B. Postel

    A memorial tribute for Jonathan B. Postel was held at the University of Southern California on November 5, 1998. The service was Webcast live on the Internet via the Real Broadcast Network (RealVideo) and on the Mbone.

    The memorial tribute program is listed below along with links to the RealVideo archive of the event. Viewing the Webcast archive requires the RealPlayer (available freely from Real Networks).

Memorial Tribute Program

Entire Program
60 minutes    20 K  |  80 K

Canon in D, Johann Pachelbel
6 minutes    20 K  |  80 K

President, University of Southern California
6 minutes    20 K  |  80 K

Senior Network Services Specialist, USC Information Sciences Institute
Reading from "The Mountains of California" by John Muir
3 minutes    20 K  |  80 K

Executive Director, Information Sciences Institute
6 minutes    20 K  |  80 K

Senior Advisor to the President of the United States for Policy Development
5 minutes    20 K  |  80 K

Adagio for Strings, Samuel Barber
7 minutes    20 K  |  80 K

Associate Division Director, Computer Network Division, Information Sciences Institute
8 minutes    20 K  |  80 K

Vice President, Myricom, Inc.
5 minutes    20 K  |  80 K

Senior Research Staff, Information Sciences Institute
5 minutes    20 K  |  80 K

11 minutes    20 K  |  80 K

Excerpts, Brandenburg Concerto, Johann Sebastian Bach
2 minutes    20 K  |  80 K

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    Jonathan B. Postel was a leading figure in computer networking. He became interested in networking as a graduate student at UCLA, being one of the first to join a research project to build the ARPANet, the ground-breaking packet- switching network which later evolved into today's Internet. After UCLA Jon worked briefly at Mitre and SRI, eventually settling at USC/ISI in March of 1977, where he spent the remaining 21 years of his career.

    At ISI, Jon progressed from researcher to division director. His contributions to science and engineering are many and wide, including protocol design and verification, multimedia computing and communications, electronic commerce, the domain name system, and many specific Internet protocols. In addition to his accomplishments in research, Jon is widely known for the influence he exerted on the management of the Internet. Very early, Jon recognized that packet-switching research would need organization and a modicum of discipline if it were to realize its full potential as a universal communication medium. Jon began, and continued until his untimely death, the activities that eventually grew into the RFC Editor, which issues and controls the many documents that specify how Internet computers interoperate.

    Jon also initiated (circa 1981) the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), which is the central coordination function for the global Internet. Despite the fact that Jon was primarily a researcher, his sense of duty -- not to mention the explosive growth that has occurred in the Internet -- led him to progressively greater involvement in Internet service activities. In many respects, Jon's oft-quoted maxim of robust protocol design, "Be conservative in what you do, be liberal in what you accept from others," reflects the principles that applied in both his professional and personal life.

   Jon Postel died Friday, October 16, 1998. He was 55.

From the ISI Jon Postel Memorial page.

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