Chronology of Nietzsche's Life and Writings


October 15. Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche born to Karl Ludwig Nietzsche and Franziska Nietzsche.


July 10. Elisabeth Nietzsche born.


July 30. Karl Ludwig Nietzsche dies.


Nietzsche begins school at Pforta.


October. Nietzsche enlisted in Artillery regiment stationed in Naumburg.


April. Promoted to lance-corporal.

October. Discharged from Army.


January. Nietzsche appointed as professor at Basel University.

April. Becomes Swiss citizen and settles in Basel.

May. First meeting with Richard Wagner at Tribschen. Nietzsche spends his first weekend and Christmas at Tribschen this year.


January. Nietzsche applies for chair of philosophy at Basel.

November. Publication of *The Birth of Tragedy*


November. Visit with the Wagners in Strasbourg.


April. Essay on David Strauss (Untimely Meditations I)

May. Nietzsche begins to have eye trouble. Lectures without notes.

July. Dictates "On Truth and Lies in a Nonmoral Sense"

November. Essay on history (Untiemly Meditations II)


March-September. Works on Schopenhauer as Educator (Untimely Meditations III)


March. "We Philologists"

December. Nietzsche collapses Chirstmas day.


January. Nietzsche released from teaching at Paedagogium.

February. Nietzsche stops teaching at University.

April. Visit to Geneva. Proposes to Mathilde Trampedach. Finishes work on Wagner essay (Untimely Meditation IV)

July. Nietzsche visits Beyreuth festival.

August. Begins work on *Human, All Too Human*. Back to Bayreuth. Travel with Paul Ree.

October. Ree and nietzsche stay in Sorrento with Malwida von Meysenbug.

November. Nietzsche's final meeting with Wagner in Sorrento.


June-August. Nietzsche works on *Human, All Too Human* and denies allegiance to Schopenhauer.

September. Returns to Basel to finish *Human, All Too Human*.


January. *Human, All Too Human* sent to publisher.

August-September. Nietzsche falls ill. Wagner attacks Nietzsche in the *Bayreuther Blaetter*.

December. Second part of *Human, All Too Human* ("Mixed Opinions and Maxims") published.


January. Nietzsche's illness worsens.

May. Nietzsche resigns from the university.

June. Nietzsche settles in St.


December. Third part of *Human, All Too Human* ("The Wanderer and his Shadow") published.


January-November. Nietzsche works on *The Dawn*, dictating it to Peter Gast.


February. *The Dawn* completed and sent to Gast.

July. Nietzsche to Sils Maria.

August. Nietzsche gets initial ideas for *Zarathustra* and the conception of the eternal return. Material originally intended for *The Dawn* is developed into *The Gay Science*.

December. Work on *The Gay Science*


February. First three books of *The Gay Science* completed.

March. Fourth book draft completed for *The Gay Science*. Paul Ree arrives in Genoa.

May. Meets Lou Salome in Rome.

August. Lou comes to Tautenburg. *The Gay Science* published.

September. Lou goes with Ree, Nietzsche plans for the three of them to live togethr in Paris.

October. Lou, Ree, and Nietzsche stay in Leipzig together. Novemeber. Lou and Ree leave Nietzsche.


January. *Zarathustra* Book 1 written.

February. Nietzsche learns of Wagner's death.

April. Nietzsche joins Elisabeth in Rome.

October. Nietzsche settles in Nice for the winter.


January. *Zarathustra* Book 2 finished. Breach with Elisabeth.

July. Nietzsche to Sils Maria to work on *Zarathustra* Book 3.

December. Nietzsche works on *Zarathustra* Book 4.


May. Elisabeth Marries Bernhard Foerster.

June. Nietzsche begins *Beyond Good and Evil*


January. Nietzsche completes *Beyond Good and Evil*

February. Elisabeth and Bernhard leave for Paraguay.

August. *Beyond Good and Evil* published.

October. Nietzsche writes fifth book of *The Gay Science*


April-May. Travels in Cannobio, Zurich, and Chur.

June. Nietzsche to Sils Maria. Works on *The Genealogy of Morals*.

November. *Genealogy of Morals* published.


April. Nietzsche moves to Turin.

May. Begins work on *The Wagner Case*

June. Leaves for Sils Maria. Begins *Twilight of the Idols*

September. Finishes *The Wagner Case* and begins work on *The Antichrist*.

October. Celebrates his 44th Birthday by begining *Ecce Homo*.


January. Nietzsche collapses in the street in Turin. Overbeck comes to Turin to escort Nietzsche back to Basel, where he undergoes treatment.

January 13. Nietzsche's mother arrives in Basel.

January 17-18. Nietzsche travels to Jena for treatment.

June. Bernhard Foerster commits suicide.


September. Elisabeth returns from Paraguay and begins work on the Nietzsche Archive.


December. Nietzsche's mother signs a document surrendering all rights to Nietzsche work, opening the way for Elisabeth Nietzsche to gain complete control over Nietzsche's works.


August 25. Nietzsche dies.

Information taken from Ronald Hayman's Nietzsche: A Critical Life and R.J. Hollindale's introduction to Ecce Homo Created: 9/5/95 Last Updated: 9/5/95