Illustration: Alzheimer’s and diet

Can diet trigger Alzheimer’s?

A diet high in cholesterol, fat and sugar may influence the development of Alzheimer’s in people genetically predisposed to the disease, a new USC study indicates.

Neurons with amyloid plaque

Origins of dementia

USC scientists illuminate the impact of brain plaques on Alzheimer’s. Their work is part of USC’s push to discover the origins of the devastating disease.

Peer navigator illustration

Living with mental illness

A USC study suggests that peer navigators with their own recovery success stories can inspire the mentally ill to make appointments, find transportation and take care of themselves.

Gillian Hadfield
Photo/Courtesy of USC Gould

Shaking up the system

Law professor Gillian Hadfield has an unconventional take on the U.S. legal system: a new world in which lots of people  — not just lawyers — could give reliable, affordable legal advice.