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Flewelling Collection

Contact Information
Melinda Hayes
(213) 740 5141

Special Collections, DML 206


Professor Ralph Tyler Flewelling, as director of philosophy at USC and with the support of the Seeley Wintersmith Mudd Foundation, began developing the Hoose Library of Philosophy during the mid-1920s. From the first, his plans embraced the acquisition of books possessing a combination of scholarly and bibliophilic qualities; and by the time it was installed in new quarters in Mudd Memorial Hall in 1930, the library contained a modest group of such volumes. Comprising approximately 2,500 volumes, they include manuscripts, incunabula and such works as Hobbe’s Leviathan (1651), and Locke’s Essay Concerning Humane Understanding (1690). The Flewelling Collection is currently housed within Special Collections in the Doheny Memorial Library.