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Volume 15, No. 3 (November 1997)

Special Issue


Michael K. Lindell
Guest Editor


    PART ONE: An Assessment of Existing Research

      Hazard Adjustments and Their Consequences
      Stakeholders and Their Interrelationships
      Individual Adoption and Hazard Applications
      Informal Social Processes
      Organizational Processes
      Economic Market Processes
      Governmental Processes
      Legal Processes

    PART TWO: An Assessment of Strategies

      Adjustment Through Hazard Awareness Programs
      Adjustment Through Sanctions

    PART THREE: Findings and Recommendations


    NOTE: This special issue represents the report of the Committee on Adoption and Implementation of natural Hazard Adjustments, working as part of the Second Assessment of Research on Natural Hazards, conducted at the Natural Hazards Research and Applications Information Center, University of Colorado, Boulder. Members of the committee were:

      Michael K. Lindell, Chair
      Texas A&M University

      Daniel Alesch
      University of Wisconsin, Green Bay

      Patricia A. Bolton
      Battelle Human Research Affairs Centers

      Marjorie R. Greene
      Earthquake Engineering Research Institute

      Larry A. Larson
      Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

      Rocky Lopes
      American Red Cross

      Peter J. May
      University of Washington

      John-Paul Mulilis
      Pennsylvania State University, Beaver Campus

      Sarah Nathe
      California Office of Emergency Preparedness-Earthquake Program

      Joanne M. Nigg
      University of Delaware Disaster Research Center

      Risa Palm
      University of Oregon

      Pamela Pate
      University of Texas, Austin

      Ronald W. Perry
      Arizona State University

      John Pine
      Louisiana State University

      Susan K. Tubbesing
      Earthquake Engineering Research Institute

      David J. Whitney
      California State University, Long Beach

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