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The Center Team

Glenn Melnick, Ph.D.-Director
Dr. Melnick is Professor and Blue Cross of California Chair in Health Care Finance, and Director of the Center for Health Policy and Management at USC. He is also a Senior Economist and Resident Consultant with RAND in Santa Monica. Nationally-recognized as an expert in the field, Dr. Melnick has worked extensively in the area of healthcare competition, reform and managed care during the past ten years. Regularly published in the scientific literature including the Journal of Health Economics, JAMA, and Health Affairs, his editorials have appeared in the Wall Street Journal and the Los Angeles Times.

Dr. Melnick's research in the area of healthcare competition began more than a decade ago, involving development of the first hospital market-level data base in the U.S., which was utilized to evaluate the effects of market-based pro-competition policies. He frequently travels to Washington, D.C. to provide counsel to legislators and their staffs, and has served as an expert for numerous government agencies, including the Federal Trade Commission.

Joyce Mann, Ph.D.
Joyce Mann, PhD, is the Academic Director of the International Public Policy and Management Program at USC, a masters degree program for international students. Her research addresses issues of health care financing and access, particularly in the state of California. She has conducted studies of uncompensated hospital care and a evaluation of a health insurance plan for immigrant children in Los Angeles county. She has also worked on issues of health financing in a number of countries (Indonesia, China, Taiwan, Ecuador, Ghana, Nigeria).

Anil Bamezai, Ph.D.
Anil is president of Western Policy Research, a public policy consulting firm. He specializes in program evaluation and the application of quantitative methods to a variety of social policy issues. These include evaluation of government policies and programs, technological change on society, and forecasting. Major areas of emphasis have been on investigating market-based healthcare institutions’ ability to contain healthcare costs, and the impact of changes in government policy on provider behavior. Anil, who has worked for the World Bank, has produced numerous publications in the health services literature. In addition, he has evaluated effects of water pricing policy on water consumption, assessed price and conservation strategies for reducing environmental damage, and examined growing income inequality in the U.S.

Nasreen Dhanani, Ph.D.

Nasreen is a Research Manager for several projects in the School of Policy, Planning and Development at USC and a Resident Consultant at RAND. Dr. Dhanani specializes in health services research pertaining to the organization and delivery of health care systems. She has worked on several research projects at UCLA, RAND and USC funded by federal and state governments, as well as private foundations. These projects have involved management and analyses of large scale secondary databases as well as design and collection of primary data. Her current research focuses on Medicare managed care in which she is responsible for constructing a unique database on utilization experiences of Medicare beneficiaries in HMOs over 10 years. Dr. Dhanani also teaches a course in program and policy evaluation at USC.

Melissa Succi Lopez, Ph.D.
Melissa is an Adjunct Professor in the School of Policy, Planning, and Development. Her research and teaching interests include organizational change, strategic planning, and the causes and consequences of health care consolidation and integration. Dr. Lopez is the co-author of numerous publications including articles appearing in Administrative Science Quarterly, Health Services Review, Journal of Health and Social Behavior, Milbank Quarterly and the Journal of Health Care Management. Dr. Lopez teaches in a number of IPPAM courses including Strategic and Operational Planning, Health Information Systems for Planning and Management, and Health Services and Finance.

Joanna Yu, Ph.D.
Joanna is the director of executive education for the IPPAM program. She is a visiting professor at Nanjing University in China, a consultant at General Veteran Hospital in Taiwan and a resident consultant at RAND. A registered pharmacist in Taiwan, Dr. Yu has been working in the not-for-profit and private government health sectors in both Taiwan and the U.S. She has been involved in health insurance research at the Cornell Medical College, employee benefit research and evaluation in several not-for-profit organizations, and was invited to consult in the design of national health insurance in Taiwan. Currently, Joanna is engaged in a project with the Chinese government aimed at building solvency of the national Health Insurance Fund. Among her other research and consulting activities, Joanna is a consultant for the Primary Care Physician Association, Taiwan, advising their global budget distribution in national health insurance.

Fred Sanz
Fred is the Program Manager for the Center and for the International Public Policy and Management Program. He has been with the Center since its inception, and is responsible for managing the administrative and financial operations.

Ann Abrahamyan

Ann is the Center's business/budget analyst and is responsible for the accounting and budgeting of all current research projects, as well as the business operations of the IPPAM program. Ann has been with the Center since February 1999.


Lois Green, MHSA
Lois is a partner in The Performance Alliance, a Los Angeles-based consulting firm whose clients include major organizations in California’s healthcare, senior and not-for-profit services sectors. Her expertise includes strategic and business planning, applied market research, leadership facilitation, education, and grants development. She has held executive positions with UniHealth, the Motion Picture & Television Fund, Tarzana Medical Center, and the Hospital Association of Pennsylvania. Lois is a clinical associate professor of health administration at USC and has been affiliated with UCLA, UCI and UCSF as a teacher or lecturer. She is a past president of the AHA’s Society for Healthcare Planning and Marketing and the author of the 1996 industry environmental assessment, “Renaissance for Healthcare.”

Gurvinder Kaur, M.B.B.S.
Gurvinder is a research associate who is working on projects related to Hospital Systems in California, the California Hospital Data project and a project based on a survey of International Students at USC to assess their academic and cultural experience.

June O’Leary, Ph.D.
June is a consultant at USC and RAND Corporation whose concentration is in the areas of health economics, hospital competition and care outcomes. She received her Ph.D. in Health Services Research from UCLA.

Susan Maerki, MHSA
Susan is a member of the healthcare practice of PricewaterhouseCoopers in San Francisco and has extensive experience as a healthcare consultant in California, as well as internationally in Indonesia, Taiwan and Ghana. She is knowledgeable in the areas of health insurance and managed care, feasibility studies, information systems design, and program and policy analysis. Her background includes policy and planning for Blue Cross of California, consulting at the state and national levels regarding programs for low income and uninsured populations, and academic policy research at the UCSF Institute for Health Policy Studies.

Amar Nawathe, M.D.
Amar is a research associate who is working on projects related to hospital ER use in California and comparisons of utilization and costs of Medicare beneficiaries in HMO versus fee-for-service settings

Jack Zwanziger, Ph.D.
Jack is a professor in the Division of Health Policy and Administration, School of Public Health, University of Illinois and a consultant at the Rand Corporation.. His research interests relate to the use of various system-wide and intervention-specific approaches to increasing the efficiency of the healthcare system. He has published numerous articles in the health service research literature and has been engaged in projects ranging from the effects of competition on hospital behavior and antitrust policy to healthcare markets and managed care contracting strategy.

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