Health festival at the Galen Center
Photo/USC Athletics

A force for good

USC student-athletes teach kids about sustainability, help veterans and take on issues like homelessness. Their efforts are making a difference — and getting noticed.

Illustration of the Mars rover
Illustration/NASA-JPL, Caltech

Cardinal, gold and a red planet

Trojan W. Bruce Banerdt has his eye on the Mars rover’s historic landing: He’s the mission’s principal investigator and the latest alum to expand our understanding of space.

Thomas Williams
Photo/Courtesy of Thomas Williams

Communicating like a pro

USC Annenberg experts join former Trojan Thomas Williams to help current and former NFL players master everything from public speaking to social media.

Thanksgiving during divisive times

When holidays are trying times

Sitting down with family and friends may be more stressful than in years past. USC experts offer sage advice to get you through Thanksgiving during divisive times.