We Are Global

Magnify your worldview and craft solutions to today’s most complex global problems. With USC as your launchpad, you will gain an international perspective and grow your global network — both essential for modern careers. Whether you study abroad, join a research project crossing countries and continents, or engage globally right here on campus, you’ll find fellow Trojans with a worldview that spans the globe.

A zoomed out view of the earth from space. Lights from cities are visible.

USC Global Database

USC’s research, study abroad and service-learning opportunities span countries—and continents. Our interactive map gives you the tools to search for your best fit among hundreds of worldwide institutions, programs and research collaborations.

Next-Level Education

Maximize your ability to make global impact through USC, already situated in one of the most diverse cities in the world. By collaborating with our wide-ranging international network, you will gain invaluable new connections and opportunities that will cross over into your future career.

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