Advising & Support

Get Connected

Advisers, tutoring, coaching — we’ve got you covered. Enrolling at USC means joining a constellation of Trojans who support you along the way.

Beyond academics, the Trojan community provides various Support Systems related to medical and mental health services, counseling, equity and more.

For questions beyond the classroom, find resources, support for unique situations, information about academic policy and more with an academic advisor who offers personalized support.

Picking a major, transferring to USC or simply needing extra guidance? USC Academic Counselors are ready to connect you with options and solutions.

At a school that celebrates a multitude of learning differences, meet your academic and creative potential with individualized coaching, programming, outreach and more.

USC champions equal access for students with disabilities in compliance with state and federal law, serving undergraduate, graduate and professional students; on-ground and online students; and students in all credit-granting courses and programs of study.

Navigating a career fair, meeting successful alumni, preparing for interviews. These are just a snapshot of the opportunities you want fueling your future career.

Targeted Support