Your First-Year Experience

Follow your passions. Pursue studies in several academic fields and conduct research with faculty. Experience the architecture, museums and theaters of our campus and those of Los Angeles. Engage in the student community, the local community and the world. You can do it all. With our first-year experiences and programs, learn how to study in a seminar setting, acquire the expectations of academic culture and meet a group of other freshmen who take their educations seriously.

Student Involvement

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    Experience USC

    Exclusive to USC students, this new digital hub combines all the facets of college life into a single resource to help you get the most out of your student experience.

    Portal access requires a student login that is exclusively for current USC students.

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    Residential Education at USC

    Students have the opportunity to attend activities that cultivate their social, academic, and cultural growth as young adults and interact with a variety of staff who are there to support them in their transition not only to college during their first-year, but through the transitions that come with every year at USC.

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    Cultural Centers

    USC Student Equity and Inclusion Programs (SEIP) is a cluster of student development centers and initiatives within Student Life that offer student support services and programs that focus on intersectionality, sense of belonging and well-being. SEIP facilitates dialogue and community-building, and leads campus-wide student belonging initiatives aiming to transform the student experience.

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    Undergraduate Student Government

    As the official governing body for over 20,000 undergraduates at the University of Southern California, the USC Undergraduate Student Government (USG) plays a vital role in student involvement. Engaging in robust advocacy, legislation, programming, and funding efforts, USG is dedicated to enhancing the undergraduate experience to its fullest potential.

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    Recognized Student Organizations

    Discover the vibrant student life at USC through our extensive network of over 1,000 student organizations. These groups take the lead in organizing a wide range of dynamic programs and events on campus, ranging from concerts and lectures to special events, spirit rallies, cultural gatherings, social events, and conferences. Get involved and be a part of the diverse and exciting activities that contribute to the lively atmosphere at USC.

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    Career Center

    At USC, we strongly encourage all students to leverage our comprehensive career services tailored exclusively for you. Whether it’s our resume review and career advising services or our online networking and targeted job search resources, we provide powerful tools to assist you in making meaningful connections and staying informed about potential employers and industry trends. Take full advantage of these resources to enhance your career prospects and chart a successful path forward.

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