Amy Diamond

Chief Investment Officer

Amy Diamond was named chief investment officer effective October 15, 2020. A recognized national leader in the institutional investment industry, Diamond joins USC after serving two decades as managing director of private investments and real assets with Northwestern University’s Investment Office.

At Northwestern, Diamond was responsible for all aspects of investment and portfolio management and served as a senior member of the team overseeing the university’s $11 billion endowment. Her leadership in asset allocation and investment office operations, as well as engagement with the Investment Committee, contributed to the endowment’s strong performance.

As USC’s chief investment officer, Diamond will head the university’s Investment Office and oversee USC’s endowment, which is supported by a balanced portfolio invested in diversified asset classes. The endowment provides enduring funding sources for the students, faculty, research, and programs that drive the university’s mission.

During her tenure at Northwestern, Diamond held leadership roles in annual asset allocation and risk management and served on advisory boards for more than 35 investment managers. In addition, Diamond created a successful co-investment program, worked jointly with financial operations on liquidity planning, and was closely involved in Northwestern’s strategic sale of pharmaceutical patent royalty interests.

As a member of the Real Estate Advisory Council at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management, Diamond worked to support quality teaching, research, and curriculum development while promoting student recruitment and placement in the real estate industry. Diamond served as one of the founding board members of Lending for Evanston and Northwestern Development, a student-run nonprofit that provides microloans and training to small businesses.

Before joining Northwestern, Diamond was an equity research analyst for several investment banks, where she led coverage of companies in the health care services and energy industries. She has been recognized as a top performer in the field of institutional investment.

A chartered financial analyst, Diamond holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration with international finance and economics concentrations from George Washington University.