The future of education is here with our sustainability-focused curriculum.

USC fosters a culture of sustainability that permeates every aspect of our academic community, from our climate change-focused curriculum to beyond-the-classroom learning opportunities and more. We empower faculty through workshops, symposia and hands-on training sessions to inspire and educate the next generation of environmental leaders.

“USC’s mission is to cultivate engaged human beings who are empowered to have a positive impact on society.”

Jill Sohm, Professor of Environmental Studies, USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences

Experiential Learning & Research

    USC students and faculty pose for a group photo

    USC President’s Sustainability Internship Program

    Connecting students with co-curricular learning and research opportunities, this internship opportunity advances both USC’s sustainability goals and students’ real-world experience.

    A student building a robot at the Space Engineering Research Center.

    Undergraduate Student Grand Challenge Fellowship Program

    The USC Center for Sustainability Solutions supports competitive, multidisciplinary research projects focused on sustainability led by undergraduate students in any USC major.

    two students in lab coats holding research gear

    Zinsmeyer Summer Research Program

    For 10 weeks each summer, USC Dornsife undergraduate students gain hands-on research experience with some of the world’s leading scientists to conduct guided, independent ocean research at the Wrigley Marine Science Center on Catalina Island, where they forge connections with a diverse group of peers from a variety of schools.

    a student wearing a wet suit on the beach

    Wrigley Institute Environmental Communications Internship

    USC undergraduate interns learn how to shape society’s understanding of environmental issues by building skills at the intersection of science communication and storytelling and collaborating with leading researchers to amplify their work.

    Two students scuba diving study underwater kelp

    Wrigley Institute REU

    To prepare students for a career in science while advancing the twin causes of sustainability and the environment, the Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program gives students hands-on research experiences to broaden their understanding of oceanography and marine science.

    Underwater ocean

    The Blue Economy Program at USC-AltaSea, Port of Los Angeles

    Undergraduates can obtain year-round aquaculture training and R&D engagement in a professional setting at USC-AltaSea, a 6,000-square-foot aquaculture lab that advances research into the blue economy.

    USC students and faculty pose for a group photo
    A student building a robot at the Space Engineering Research Center.
    two students in lab coats holding research gear
    a student wearing a wet suit on the beach
    Two students scuba diving study underwater kelp
    Underwater ocean
    out of focus closeup of grass and dew

    Sustainability in the Arts

    At USC, sustainability is woven into our art scene. From paintings to performances and everything in between, USC artists are exploring environmental concerns, social justice issues and the intersection of humans and nature. These works not only raise awareness but also inspire critical reflection and action toward a more sustainable future within the campus community and beyond.

    Our impact on the natural world

    The exhibition Mulyana: Modular Utopia, shown at the USC Pacific Asia Museum, centers around climate change and the relationship between human beings and nature.

    Art exhibit that is underwater scene

    The “Little Garden”

    USC student Trenyce Tong works on her mural, titled “Little Garden,” at USC’s Peace Garden. The garden transforms a little-used plot of land into a flourishing and invigorating space for education, research and programs serving the community.

    Person painting a wall mural

    Understanding the cost of climate change

    Artist Andy Johnson shows his trash-filled polar bear sculpture during the USC Sustainability Hub grand opening celebration. He created the piece to highlight that the average American produces more than 1,500 pounds of garbage each year.

    A polar bear installation

    Connecting sustainability staff with students

    Chelsea Graham from the USC Office of Sustainability talks with students about climate-friendly practices and culture.

    Women walking to a group at a table

    A time to reflect

    Student art on climate change, environmental justice and sustainability is displayed publicly on campus as a reminder that we’re all working together for a sustainable future.

    A mural with a hand and a bird

    Art in sustainable places

    Artist Andy Johnson installs a mural for the USC Sustainability Hub. This multiuse space is designed as a physical embodiment of USC’s Assignment: Earth initiative, aimed at cultivating an eco-conscious campus and global mindset.

    A man looking at a painting